New Year, New Goals

Hello, blogosphere! It’s 2023 and who else gets the year wrong when they write it down for the very first time? I know I am not the only one. So, 2023. I have already seen the posts that say, “2023 will be my year!” Or, the ones that say, “Don’t anyone talk about 2023, I am still trying to process 2020.” Which camp are you in? Bring on 2023, or, no thanks, I’m just gonna sit here and ignore it.

I know you all know this, but I will remind you, you can make 2023 be whatever you want it to be! I am choosing that option. We are in charge of how our lives go. Of course, there are those things we can do nothing about, but how you chose to handle those things is on you.

So as we begin to set our new year’s goals, I’d like for you to think about a few things as you go through the goal-setting process.

  1. Be realistic. Sometimes we set our sights too high and that just makes for the inevitable defeat when things don’t pan out the way we want. Choose a goal you know you will be able to achieve.
  2. Start small. Ask yourself if your standards for this particular goal are too high. Make baby steps to get to the big things, and strive to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday.
  3. Don’t wait for motivation. Motivation is unreliable and we cannot depend on it. Commit to show up for yourself whether you feel like it or not. (I know if I wait to be motivated to clean my garage, I will never be able to walk in it again.)

With these points in mind as you set yourself up for a new year, remember these things as well. Repetition is key, especially when it comes to health and fitness goals. Keep showing up and doing what needs to be done. The more you do something, the more you will want to do it and eventually the motivation will come.

Multitasking isn’t always something to be proud of. We perform and do much better when we single-task. More attention put into one thing is far better than spreading ourselves too thin over many things. Focus and ask the question, are you asking too much of yourself at one time?

I know this is all common sense, but the reminder can be just what we need to set ourselves up for the best year ever! 2023 is going to be awesome!

I’d love to hear your goals. What are you gonna do in 2023? Leave me a comment below.

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