Easy Ways to Improve Nutrition Without Dieting

We are just over two weeks into 2023 and who has dieting as a new year’s resolution? This is a very common endeavor at the beginning of every year, to lose weight. Something many of us dread doing. It takes work and consistency to hit any weight loss goal, but sometimes we make it harder on ourselves than it needs to be. Slow and steady wins the race, and the easier we make it, the better.

Today I have for you a few tips to help you with your weight loss journey that don’t involve tracking what you eat. Start simple and stay consistent!

Eat more protein! Our bodies use protein to repair and rebuild tissues (muscle), hormones, and our immune system. And it helps keep us feeling full. It is a very important macronutrient and here’s an interesting fact: while our bodies can store carbs and fats, we do not store protein in the same way. We need to make sure we are getting enough throughout the day to keep up with the process of protein turnover. And we especially need a good amount of protein if we are trying to lose weight. A good way to increase your protein intake is by using the hand measurement method. Add a palm size amount of high-protein foods to each meal. Guys, you may want to add two palms.

Drink more water. This is easy enough for anyone to do. Breathing, sweating, and basic bodily functions all contribute to fluid loss. As little as a 1% body water loss can reduce aerobic endurance and our bodies don’t adapt to dehydration. Shoot for at least half your body weight in ounces of water, this is just the minimum. Drink more if you are physically active or tend to sweat a lot through the day. And don’t forget caffeine and alcohol dehydrate you.

Get more movement. Many of us have sedentary jobs that leave us sitting behind a computer for a lot of the day. Regular activity can help against many health problems. Do you have a smart watch that tracks steps? Aim for 8K – 10K steps a day for starters. Bonus points if you are able to get outside in the sunshine while getting extra movement in. No smart watch, no problem. A ten minute walk will get you roughly about 1000 steps. Take a break and walk around.

Prioritize sleep. In my opinion, sleep is the most underrated factor to your weight loss goals. I am guilty of neglecting this one myself. Getting good quality sleep helps us lose fat, gain muscle, and recover and repair. It also helps regulate our hormones, hunger, appetite, and satiety. We truly do need that 8 hours of sleep. (7-9 if you can.)

No counting calories necessary for adding any of these in to your daily routine. I will say it again, start simple and stay consistent. If you need help reaching your weight loss goals, and are interested in coaching, send me a message. I would love to work with you.

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